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Re: installboot is broken

You made your point perfectly clear, however, I do not know the differences
between the various boot details, so I don't know if the scheme used by
installboot is wrong.

What it does:

 1) In block 0 create a struct vax_boot_block and fill in the magic needed.
    This includes pointing at block 1 as start of the loader:
        bb.bb_load = htole32(VAX_BOOT_LOAD);
        bb.bb_entry = htole32(VAX_BOOT_ENTRY);
 2) it writes all of xxboot (including the first sector, as created from
     start.S) to the sectors starting at 1.

If the bb_load/bb_entry version does not work on all vaxes, and instead
the full first sector (with patched in disklabel) is needed, this has to
be an oversight during the conversion to single bootblock - easy to happen,
as it will only cause problems with brand new/zeroed disks, otherwise the
old block 0 will be preserved.

I'd be happy to fix it, if we have consensus here on what to do (and 
do testing on simh).


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