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Re: Netbooting VS4k60

Continuing further, none of the install systems will detect le0
reliably after loading the install system over the network. I did
find, though, that I could get le0 to detect if I unplugged the
10base-T transceiver from the AUI connector immediately after the
kernel was loaded, but before it got to the point of detecting le0.
Once it had detected it, I plugged the transceiver back in and
proceeded to install 6.0.1  to disk without problems.

The installed system booted from the disk always detects the ethernet port.

A couple of things I should note:

- I didn't try the thinnet Ethernet connector, only AUI with a single
10base-T transceiver.
- Removing all the extra memory didn't change the behavior.
- I found a reference to a similar problem with a VS4000/VLC in the
port-vax list archive from 2010, but there wasn't any real conclusion
or resolution at that time. I believe the VLC uses the same ethernet
hardware as the model 60.


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