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2012Q4 VAX packages for NetBSD 6


It's been a while since I've made some VAX binary packages for VAX. Now that NetBSD 6 is working well on VAX and I've gotten my 4000/90a completely stable, bulk building is running quickly and consistently. Thanks, Lukas, for making some in the meanwhile.

On slower ports it makes more sense to upload incrementally rather than wait for a full build to finish, so once or twice a week or so new packages will be uploaded. Currently there are about 832 VAX binary packages. Status is updated every 15 minutes and can be checked here:


The package number in the status is how far in the grand list of all 10,888 packages we are (from the bulk build created .order file).

Soon I hope to add a 4000/60 or two to the mix. They'll share the VAX binary tree (for prerequisites) and will build from a list instead of from the .order file. Ideally, I'd like to automate the whole process, but that requires a bit of free time... One day...

Binary packages can be found here:



John Klos

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