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Re: About support for rtVAX300

Mouse wrote:

> > *(int *)vax_map_physmem(0x201ffffc,1)=(int)(0xf-7)<<16;
> Shouldn't that be
> ((int *)vax_map_physmem(0x201ffffc&~511,1))[(0x201ffffc&511)/sizeof(int)] = 
> ...

Traps on the same Trap address. I even tried a mask of 4095.

Johnny worte above:

>>I actually checked the code, since I was thinking the same thing, but I
>>think not. The code at the end of vax_map_physmem looks like this:
>>        return addr | (phys & VAX_PGOFSET);
>>Where addr is the base for the page you got. phys is the requested
>>address, which is masked down to just an offset within a page, and then
>>merged with the base address. But I might be wrong...
>>        Johnny

...so this shouldn't matter, since Johnnys assumption looks logical for me.

Nevertheless, most vax_map_physmem() things in other drivers seems
to map "even" addresses, since the HW-registers are locate there.
Have to find out what happens here, since I need this to put some things in
the UART too...


vax_map_physmem(paddr_t phys, size_t size)
        vaddr_t addr;
        int error;
        static int warned = 0;

#ifdef DEBUG
        if (!iospace_inited)
                panic("vax_map_physmem: called before rminit()?!?");
        if (size >= LTOHPN) {
                addr = uvm_km_alloc(kernel_map, size * VAX_NBPG, 0,
                if (addr == 0)
                        panic("vax_map_physmem: kernel map full");
        } else {
                error = extent_alloc(iomap_ex, size * VAX_NBPG, VAX_NBPG, 0,
                    EX_FAST | EX_NOWAIT |
                    (iomap_ex_malloc_safe ? EX_MALLOCOK : 0), &addr);
                if (error) {
                        if (warned++ == 0) /* Warn only once */
                                printf("vax_map_physmem: iomap too small");
                        return 0;
        ioaccess(addr, phys, size);
        printf("vax_map_physmem: alloc'ed %d pages for paddr %lx, at %lx\n",
            size, phys, addr);
        return addr | (phys & VAX_PGOFSET);

VAX_NBPG is 4096 (1<<12) when I got this correctly which is identically


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