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Re: rtVAX300 .. need help..

Roger Ivie wrote:

> On Wed, 9 Jan 2013, Mouse wrote:
> >I don't know how your rtVAX 300 does
> >interrupt arbitration and mapping.  That information might be buried
> >somewhere in the ROM code, in which case it might mean a lot of
> >searching through the code to find it.  Or it might not, if the ROM
> >code doesn't use interrupts.
> The information is in the rtVAX 300 Hardware User's Guide, which he has.
> In short: except for the SGEC, it depends on the hardware the rtVAX 300 is
> attached to.
> -- 
> roger ivie
> rivie%ridgenet.net@localhost

Yes, and I've read there that no "mapped" registers for this purpose are
existing in a rtVAX system. Documented is the MFPR/MTPR.

Guys, I'm trying to read and understand the code that exists to feed the
other VAX machines to decide for what I have to look in Manuals and what I
have todo on the rtVAX.

I'm unable to learn ALL about the other supported machines to decide "hmm,
they done it the other way around in this case", so just the info "..never
heard about something like this" or "meybe you can find something about
this in the foobar manual"  from one that worked with VAXen is of much
help for me and in fact it is exactly that what I want to hear.
This is of much much more help than silence on the line.

I know for example that the 26C94 UART Chip used in the VXT2000 is used
to control the interrupts for the Ethernet chip, don't know how they do
this exactly (for sure, they used some GPIO to do that) and at the moment
it doesn't interrest me that much, but it gave me the hint that DEC
implemented this in different ways on different machines used what was

It is clear to me that the rtVAX is some sort of a minimal implementation
around a VAX CPU and that there even more things that wouldn't be
"standard", it was made to run some "embedded" applications on it and
there is a software layer as an interface for the user, the VAXELN with
his drivers that I can't use here. Even the "callable routines" for wich an
jump table sits on the begin of the console code aren't documented.

So I'm doing 2 things a once, reverse engeneer what other people wrote
to run other VAXen for an OS that I'm not that familiar with and try to
find out what they could have done on the rtVAx to get a function working.
An I hoped for help at least on the first part.

I don't know how old the code for the other VAXen is, maybe that are things
from the CSRG and no one today still knows what they've done, but I want
at least to ask about this. So please please ... any feedback is much
better than nothing. A hint about existing manuals is helpful for one that
don't even know that there is/was documentation for something.

So finally I got the info that the memory mapped registers are machine
specific to the vax stations, maybe located in that CQBIC which doesn't
exist on the rtVAX bord, so I can dig out the code instead of searching
where the heck those registers would be located on the rtVAX.
I just don't need that code.


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