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Re: rtVAX300 .. need help..

>> The VARM is a prime candidate for conversion to text, because even
>> its diagrams are done as text [...].
> The VARM was originally (and probably for its whole life) maintained
> as a text file (or text files) and (sometimes) small chunks would be
> emailed within engineering.

I would assume so.  But probably not just a plain text file, because
the resulting VARM contains right-justified text.  I've always assumed
it was done with RUNOFF.  I thought it contained a statement to that
effect, but I can't find it in my dead-tree VARM.  Perhaps I'm thinking
of some other VMS manuals from back when I used VMS.

> (Never to me though, so OCR will be the best you get for now).

I'm honestly a little surprised we've got even that PDF.

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