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Re: rtVAX300 .. need help..

On 09/01/13 11:56 PM, Mouse wrote:
I don't think "the VAX Architecture Reference Manual" is a single
thing.  [...]

(My VARM is rev 6.1, of 1982-05-20, according to the cover.)
Jeez. Get the new version! :-)
Your version was written before even the uVAX I...

Thank you for making my point! :-)


Snagged.  Thank you for the pointer.  Even without OCR, this is going
to be an interesting read.

I've never seen a document improved by OCR. Seen plenty ruined beyond salvation. They should outlaw it.

The older a book is, the better typeset it is, and scanning it is the best outcome.

Just imho as a typographer, of course.


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