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Re: rtVAX300 .. need help..

On Wed, 9 Jan 2013, Holm Tiffe wrote:
I think I have really simple and near stupid questions about the
architecture that may be is realized on that shitty ISA Board with the
CVAX on it. Nobody tries to even recognize those questions.

I am sorry. Let me try again.

You can count on the following things:

  - There is a processor that executes some subset of the VAX
    instruction set. There is some additional hardware as
    specified by the VAX Architecture Reference Manual. Stuff
    built into the processor is accessed using MFPR/MTPR

  - There is some memory from which your program executes.

Everything else is system-dependent. Even things that look the same,
such as the QBus adapter, differ from system to system.

Again: What exactly are that MISC CPU internal registers?

I don't know. You have the rtVAX 300 manual. Is the register in the
manual? If so, you have it. If not, *shrug*. It may or may not be
implemented on the ISA board.

It seems clearly interrupt related. Are those "Real" CPU Hardware that is
memory mapped or is that a junk of registers from a "chipset" is located
differnt in the physical address space of SOME machines and SOME of them
are CVAX based?

The VAX Architecture Reference Manual is out there. Does that manual
describe the register?

You have the rtVAX 300 manual. Is it mentioned in the manual?

* Miscellaneous registers common on most VAXststions.

The rtVAX 300 is not a VAXstation.

You have the rtVAX 300 manual. Is it mentioned in the manual?

I'm shure I ready that thing about the CQBIC and the FTAM with the TK50
before in the last 3 days, don't know where, but I read that.

No doubt. I have a limited number of stories.

I'm trying to find pieces of information that points me the right
direction to go, but for sure, what you wrote above doesn't help me much
since I do have neighter an Mbus nor an Qbus and I don't want to make an
adapter between them.

You brought up the QBus as someplace that all VAXes are the same. They
are not. Even the QBus varies from VAX to VAX.

In short: If I ask if there is an dedicated Interrupt controller in the
other VAXen or if it is normal that CPU REGs are mapped to Address Space,
then it isn't much help to read that none of the machines are water cooled.

You can count on a processor and memory. Everything else is
roger ivie

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