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Re: rtVAX300 .. need help..

Roger Ivie wrote:

> On Wed, 9 Jan 2013, Holm Tiffe wrote:
> >Yea, I've read something from the 4000/90, NetBSD and empty Flash in the
> >past, ...seems the same as you described here and someone has changed the
> >Mapping of that VS_REGS from 0x2008000 to 0x25c00000 because of exactly
> >this issue.. Who was this?
> In the shower this morning, I realized why we're talking past each other
> here.

No Roger, I'm the false guy for this.

I'm in "unusal" computers since ... ever?

I own al lot of east german  8bit CP/M machines, first 16 Bit things from this
time which can't be called PC since they have a Multibus, an Z8000 Unix
Machine, several PDP-11 stuff, an russian 11/03ish thing with RX02
compatibe Floppy, an DEC PWS500A and a Compaq PWS500AU, owned Sun3/60s
before and have still to be used VME Stuff.
I've fiddeled around with AM2901's and want to build an SBC with russian
PDP-11 CPUs that I have here (Some of them are CMOS 5Mhz, others NMOS with
But, there are some standards made by DEC, at most you can see them in the
QBUS Machines, almost everything is working the same, at least from the
register side of view.
I don't have anyy problem when things like console or Interrupt controllers
working differently, but I would have the docs for this stuff then.

My Problem isn't the PeeCee World, my problem is that I yust don't know how
those things may work on a VAX newer than a KA630 which is well documented.
I don't have the experience and the ability to find out myself what I need
to know to do this kind of stuff.
I never wrote an device driver for anything than an "Game Port" on a
soundcard ( ..to connect the Pushbutton Inputs to german DCF77 Receiver, a
time normal) on Onsite Unix which was an SVR4R2..and I had a manual and
I knew how the hardware would look like..

This isn't the case here. No Manual for device driver writing on this
architecture, no clue was the hw is actually doing...

Besides of that: show me an PC where you get the Hardware documented.. I
don't mean a stupid LPT Port, more something like an NVIDIA Graphics

I only want some suggestions what I should try and what is unlikely to work
at all..


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     Freiberger Straße 42, 09600 Oberschöna, USt-Id: DE253710583
  www.tsht.de, info%tsht.de@localhost, Fax +49 3731 74200, Mobil: 0172 8790 741

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