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RE: rtVAX300 .. need help..

Holm Tiffe [holm%freibergnet.de@localhost] wrote:

> Please don't get me wrong, it's not that this isn't
> interresting, but it is far away from that what I'm trying
> todo.

I think Roger was trying to point out that the answer to your question
most likely depends on exactly how the board was designed. So if it
isn't in the manuals you already have, it's possible that no-one here

> In short: If I ask if there is an dedicated Interrupt
> controller in the other VAXen or if it is normal that CPU
> REGs are mapped to Address Space, then it isn't much help to
> read that none of the machines are water cooled.

CVAX-based systems and the original VAX-11/780 (for example) are quite
different at the level at which you are working.

Unfortunately, the rtVAX 300 seems to be far less well documented than
either of those.

I think I remember that the rtVAX 300 was used in the PrintServer series
of machines, so it is possible that someone on the list has information
about that lying around somewhere. I know I don't, so I'm afraid I can't

I think that the progress you've made given how little information you
have is pretty good. It may be unrealistic to expect to get NetBSD
running in a short space of time given the constraints. The hardware
will still be there when you next have free time ...



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