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Re: rtVAX300 .. adding an CPU Type..

Anders Magnusson wrote:

> On 01/04/2013 11:21 AM, Mouse wrote:
> >>Is it using MTPR for console communications?
> >No.  Its console communication scheme is relatively well-known; between
> >Holm's efforts and mine, we've found the code in the ROMs which speaks
> >to the console.  It turns out to be pretty simple, just a little glue
> >logic in front of a 2681 (or very similar workalike).
> >
> Isn't that the same as in the VXT2000?  In that case you could look at 
> OpenBSD, they have support for the serial chip added.
> I have never fixed support for the VXT2000 in NetBSD even though I have 
> one, since I could not get break to work over the serial console so it 
> became a little bit too tedious to do it :-)
> -- Ragge

The VXT2000 seems to have an SC26C94 Chip which seems to be a descendant
of the SCN2681, there is a more sophisticated Interrrupt Arbiter
integrated and the device has four channels.., nevertheless this may be
useable as a starting point.

The VXT has it's on vxtbus with only that SC26C94 and the SGEC attached,
should I do the same on NetBSD (rtVAX300-bus) or should I better use
something like vsbus?


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