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Re: rtVAX300 .. adding an CPU Type..

>>> This means all the process page tables have to be physically contiguous (a$
>> Perhaps proper KA620 (and other machines with that style of P0/P1
>> page tables) support would mean building a pmap that migrates pages
>> in an attempt to maintain a large physically contiguous free block?
> ...or uses a single page table and zeroes / lazy-copies from
> process-specific tables as needed.  (OMG that would be so slow... but
> easy :-)

That would actually make a lot more sense as a first cut.  "First make
it work, then make it better."

Now I kinda wish I had a KA620. :)  (Only kinda.  I don't really have
the leisure now to set up any of my VAXen, much less the large and
power-hungry Qbus VAXen.)

Not that that's stopping me getting my fix of VAX coding; I've been
working on one of my VAX emulators, just because I enjoy it.  I got
fired up by the rtVAX 300 discussion....  Now, the compiler is taking

double foo(void)

and generating a .s file containing

        .word 0x0
        movd $0d-M.LDGGEMKFFLMCLIGEIIIJe+16,r0

I assume my emulator is mis-implementing something critical to
floating-to-string conversion, but figuring out what means sifting
through a large amount of trace haystack to find the bug needle.

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