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Re: DEC Video Connector

I built the cable 3W3 (VAXstation-4000-60 and DECstation 5000) to
VGA(Monitor) following the
scheme as follows:

3W3-A1        ---->  VGA-1   RED
3W3-A1-gnd ---->  VGA-6
3W3-A2        ---->  VGA-2  GREEN
3W3-A2-gnd ---->  VGA-7
3W3-A3        ---->  VGA-3  BLUE
3W3-A3-gnd ---->  VGA-8

Connectors and pin-outs are available at Farnell Newark Co.
Pins are very tricky to be soldered. You may have to swap RED and BLUE
if you find strange colors on the screen. Monitor has to be able to
I hope it goes A.O.K.


On Thu, Dec 20, 2012 at 9:27 PM, emanuel stiebler <emu%e-bbes.com@localhost> 
> On 2012-12-20 12:18, Paul Koning wrote:>
>> You mean 3 mini coax connectors inside a DB style shell?  ...
>> For example, I went to digikey.com and asked it for "3w3", ...
> Thanks a lot, I will definitely check into them. Probably I should have
> explained a little better, what I was trying to do ;-)
> Anyway, what I have now is a DEC Cable, which ends in BNC connectors. This
> goes into three BNC couplers, then into an RGB-to-VGA cable, then on a
> gender changer on the VGA connector, and then to a VGA monitor.
> (Good thing, all are standard of the shelf parts ;-) )
> And that, after all this years looks exactly as weird as it sounds. So I
> finally wanted to do it right and make some cables which go directly from
> the 3W3 to VGA ...
> And the solder-able version was just an idea to make a framerate converter
> box, because most of the TFT-panels just deal with 60Hz, and DEC had many,
> many other ideas about resolutions & frequencies back then ;-)
> Cheers & thanks for all the replies.
> Good to know, that there are still so many of us out there ;-)

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