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Re: DEC Video Connector

On Thu, 20 Dec 2012 16:27:58 -0700
emanuel stiebler <emu%e-bbes.com@localhost> wrote:

> So I finally wanted to do it right and make some cables which go
> directly from the 3W3 to VGA ...
Cut off the BNC connectors and solder a DE15 to that end?

> And the solder-able version was just an idea to make a framerate 
> converter box, because most of the TFT-panels just deal with 60Hz,
> and DEC had many, many other ideas about resolutions & frequencies
> back then ;-)
I have a crappy consumer grade 27" LCD. Yet it accepted the sync on
green output with 66 Hz or 72 Hz Vsync from my VS4k90 without any
problems. The same with an older 19" LCD.



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