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Re: DEC Video Connector

On 2012-12-20 12:18, Paul Koning wrote:>
> You mean 3 mini coax connectors inside a DB style shell?  ...
> For example, I went to digikey.com and asked it for "3w3", ...

Thanks a lot, I will definitely check into them. Probably I should have explained a little better, what I was trying to do ;-)

Anyway, what I have now is a DEC Cable, which ends in BNC connectors. This goes into three BNC couplers, then into an RGB-to-VGA cable, then on a gender changer on the VGA connector, and then to a VGA monitor.

(Good thing, all are standard of the shelf parts ;-) )

And that, after all this years looks exactly as weird as it sounds. So I finally wanted to do it right and make some cables which go directly from the 3W3 to VGA ...

And the solder-able version was just an idea to make a framerate converter box, because most of the TFT-panels just deal with 60Hz, and DEC had many, many other ideas about resolutions & frequencies back then ;-)

Cheers & thanks for all the replies.
Good to know, that there are still so many of us out there ;-)

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