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Re: /etc/disktab on vax

 Jeeze!  Neat stuff though.

Yep very. If your interested, check out the Zeta's as part of the N8vem project. Boards cost about 20$ off Sergey and you go play fish for parts at mouser/jaycar/digikey/RS/$OTHER. There's also ECB breakout shims and PPIDE hard disk controllers. Runs CP/M v2.2c or ZSystem.

 I've done a few commercial embedded projects with the eZ80F91.  A
50MHz Z80 is a BEAST.  I enjoyed working with it.

That's a bit hot. I'd love to have an excuse to look into them.

 I abandoned it a couple of years ago in favor of ARM7 due to far
better tools and chip availability.

I've just started fiddling with ARMv6 asm on the Rasberry Pi.

Zilog's management is nearly as
clueless as SGI's!

Oh..that's a heck of a statement.


 Al Boyanich
 adb -w -P "world> " -k /dev/meta/galaxy/ksyms /dev/god/brain

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