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Re: more on proff crash building native

Anders Magnusson wrote:
Johnny Billquist wrote:
Brad Parker wrote:
"David Brownlee" wrote:
Whats next on the list, bootblocks? :)
sort of :-)  full install from tape.  seems very broken right now for
Considering the fact that the 11/7xx machines never supported booting
from tape in the first place, that's no surprise. :-)

That's not true.  The 11/750 had boot proms to boot from up to four
different devices.  TU58 was always one, and I had one machine that
could boot from TU45.

Well, the TU58 don't count. It might look like a tape to the eye, but it behaves like a disk. Just a *very* slow disk. :-) But if you had bootproms to boot from a massbus tape, that's interesting. But I remember that the 11/750 was different than the 11/78x machines anyway. The 11/750 actually used a boot block, since it didn't have VMB around anywhere.

I still have MtXinu manuals around, which lists the boot program you have to enter at the console in order to boot these machines from a tape.


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