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Re: more on proff crash building native

Michael L. Hitch wrote:
On Sat, 14 Feb 2009, David Brownlee wrote:

Heres hoping the native build goes well...

Whats next on the list, bootblocks? :)

  There are at least 3 or 4 major problems:

Native build fails when trying to run the pic and/or grops tool executable due to bad relocation types. Even the cross-compiled troff executable has the same problem when built on an amd64 system (the netbsd-5-0_RC1 and netbsd-5-0_RC2 builds have a bad executable, and my own build has the same problem). I've appended more information to Greg's PR39182.

Native builds (when continued several times after the above problem) will hang the machine when it tries compiling libm/catan.ln. I'm trying to collect some more information on that and will submit a PR.

It seems that ssh corrupts inbound data. It's been mentioned a couple of times on port-vax. I had seen it quite some time ago when trying to run a cvs update, but wasn't aware at the time it was an ssh problem instead of hardware/network. Running the ssh on the remote system (inbound through sshd instead of ssh) seems to work, as well as non-ssh transfers. Again, I've been collecting information on that problem and will be submitting another PR. I hit this again when trying to copy a test kernel and didn't realize that was the problem for a while.

Response on netbsd-5 (and presumably -current) gets rather poor when it's busy (such as running the native build). This could be related to the second problem mentioned above, but it's hard to tell at this point.

1, 2 and 4 I've seen plenty off myself.
Since I don't use ssh much, I haven't seen that one. I copy files with NFS.


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