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Re: NetBSD/vax kernel seems stable now

Tom Ivar Helbekkmo skrev:
I wrote:

Well, the 4000/500 is still cleandir'ing... :)

It was chugging along nicely, with the build proceeding in one window,
and a top(1) running in another, until just now.  I noticed that it had
allocated a few megs of swap along the way, without crashing, which is
good.  Then I typed 'q' at the top(1), but I never got the shell prompt

Hmm. Bad news...

By the time I got to the console, the system was on its way back up,
having somehow not entered DDB.  I don't know whether it actually dumped
core along the way: savecore said "/dev/ra0b: device busy" when it ran.

I haven't seen a working savecore on the vax ever, I think. :-)
(Well, for NetBSD that is.)

I notice there have been some more changes in /sys/arch/vax, so I'll be
getting those, and building another kernel, before restarting the
building of the world...

Anyone who can tell what have happened recently?


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