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Re: SunFire v240 hardware question

Greg Earle writes:
> We have a couple of V240s afflicted with this ailment.
>   The sparcv9 processor operates at 1002 MHz,
>  mb_p0_t_core (temperature-sensor, ad00000ad1)
>  :Temperature  51 
>  :name         mb_p0_t_core 
>  mb_p1_t_core (temperature-sensor, ad00000ad9)
>  :Temperature  51 
>  :name         mb_p1_t_core 
> which actually isn't too bad.


>   The sparcv9 processor operates at 1503 MHz,
> mb_p0_t_core (temperature-sensor, 40ee00000b0b)
>  :Temperature  81 
>  :name         mb_p0_t_core 
>  mb_p1_t_core (temperature-sensor, 40ee00000b13)
>  :Temperature  69 
>  :name         mb_p1_t_core 
>  mb_t_enc (temperature-sensor, 40ee00000b1b)
>  :Temperature  27 
>  :name         mb_t_enc 
> which as you can see is quite a bit higher.  Obviously the higher
> base value is due to the higher CPU speed, presumably.  

Agreed.  IMHO 81°C is definitely too much for sustained operation.
Of course ambient temp and other factors will influence stability,
and Chris (the OP) might be lucky. :-)

> But we
> have no idea why the P0 temperature is so much higher than the P1.

That's because P1 is close to the chassis fans that sit between the
disk cage and the board, while P0 is further away, near the rear of
the system.

Regards -- Volker
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