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SunFire v240 hardware question

  So I have a SunFire v240 I'm planning to swap in to replace an older 
USparc-II machine.  (E420r).  The v240 is reporting:

SC Alert: CPU_FAN @ MB.P1.F0.RS has FAILED.

  which I know means one of the [two] heatsink/fan units has a failed fan.  I'm 
using this list to reach people who may well understand the problem, and the 
solutions, and I have two questions.

  (1) Is this a problem?  I mean, if I'm not going to be pushing this machine 
hard, do I need to worry about it?  (It will be mostly a mail server, pretty 
lightly loaded, CPU-wise)
  (2) How _hard_ is it to replace said fan?  Anyone done it?

  I've replaced fans in lots of equipment, sometimes even CPU heat-sink fans.  
But, that often requires removing the sink from the processor, which is 
something I'd rather not do if avoidable.  I have a few types of heatsink 
compound, all many years old, but likely adequate, I'd just rather not if it 
could be avoided.  :-)

  Thanks...  All thoughts welcomed.

                     - Chris

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