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Re: Choppy audio playback

>>>>> "kjl" == Kurt J Lidl <lidl%pix.net@localhost> writes:

   kjl> So, you have to plan your PCI card insertion carefully, and
   kjl> make sure you have no more than one 3.3 volt card, if you are
   kjl> putting multiple PCI cards into one of those machines.

how does this work exactly?  I thought it was not about supplying
power, but about the logic voltage, like with the varying voltages of
AGP <?>x slots.

Isn't a PCI slot, even on a PeeCee, either 5V or 3.3V forever,
depending on how it's wired, and never adaptable to the card inserted?
and necessarily so, since the logic pins of a PCI slot are shared with
other slots and thus other cards on the ``bus'' which, if slots tried
to be dual-voltage, could be cards of the wrong voltage?  so, only
cards can be dual-voltage, not slots?

And a slot signifies which kind it is by whether the keying bar is in
the back (5V) or near the card edge (3.3V)---many cards have two
openings for keying bars, but you'll never see a PCI slot without a
keying bar in either one spot or the other.  I have been assuming this
order of affairs but don't know for sure.

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