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server recomendations


I have 2 sites that are in the Alixa top 1 million sites based. I am now
running them off of a mac G3 450 mhz and an amiga 060 50 mhz, both running
NetBSD. I would like to upgrade.

I am still doing some research, but I thought that someone would have some
answers for me here. I would like to have a system that is faster than the
mac, 2 - 500 gig SATA plus a 120 gig boot drive, 2 network ports, and a
gig of ram or more. It would be nice to have like desktop model or
something small. I am open for suggestions.

I just read about people having problems with the SATA controllers. Does
anyone have one that is working? Also, does anyone have any pci systems
that they would like to sell that would fit the above criteria.


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