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Re: Re (2): Bochs on Netbsd-8 on Sparcstation 2.

Chase Rayfield writes:
> You'd probably need a maxed out SS1000 or better to even build QEMU... nothing else is going to have enough memory to compile Qemu. I doubt my Hyperstation 30 board could even do it without a ton of swapping and an SS20 certainly doesn't have enough ram.

actually, the ss20 with 512mb and 4 cpus just completed building
qemu with -j4.  a few times it was a little swapped, but it was
very rarely doing more than occasional paging vs swapping or
thrashing.  "vmstat 1" rarely showed less than 10% idle, and was
usually 0-3%...

it did take a few days to build all the deps etc.  :-)

i have not yet tested it...


Interesting, perhaps something has changed in the intervening years since I last tried building it in a similar situation. Which targets did you enable in your build?


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