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Re: Re (2): Bochs on Netbsd-8 on Sparcstation 2.

You'd probably need a maxed out SS1000 or better to even build QEMU... nothing else is going to have enough memory to compile Qemu. I doubt my Hyperstation 30 board could even do it without a ton of swapping and an SS20 certainly doesn't have enough ram. You might be able to get it to work by disabling in memory caching in GCC. (this would basically revert GCC to doing old style preprocessor -> disk -> compile-> disk etc...  stages regardless that's also extremely slow and disk intensive). Also disabling as many options as possible in ./configure.

Even then... emulation on Sparc is almost always very slow due to no KVM or acceleration of any kind. I have ran QEMU in -nographic mode on Sparc in the past... and it was painfully slow even on a 64bit T2000, might be ok on a T3 or better. TCG didn't work last I checked... so you have to disable it may work now.

Chroots/jails are often a *much* better option on Sparc. That's how I built 32bit stages in the past for Gentoo build on my T2 then run on the SS20 probably wise to match kernel versions and such when doing that I suspect that caused a few odd bugs for me since I built code on a newer kernel/headers combination than I ran it on.

On Saturday, February 16, 2019, 3:27:21 AM EST, matthew green <mrg%eterna.com.au@localhost> wrote:

peter%easthope.ca@localhost writes:
> From:    matthew green <mrg%eterna.com.au@localhost>
> Date:    Sat, 16 Feb 2019 07:29:41 +1100
> > i'm not sure about bochs, but qemu runs netbsd/sparc pretty well.
> > we have regular test runs on it, infact:
> >
> >    http://releng.netbsd.org/b5reports/sparc/
> >
> > so, if bochs doesn't work qemu might.
> QEMU on a Sparcstation 2?  That would be better than bocks,
> for me!  I have a vague recollection of looking for it
> before bochs and finding it not available.  Might have been
> added since.  (And my trials might have been 6 or 8 years ago
> rather than 2 or 3.)

oh!  i misunderstood.  i have no idea about running bochs
or qemu _on_ sparc.  i would expect qemu to be better in
2019, though the compile might be tough.  (i recommend
building on a large machine, even 64 bit system running
32 bit userland.)

it might take a while, but i' ll see if qemu builds on the


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