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re: Re (2): Bochs on Netbsd-8 on Sparcstation 2.

> actually, the ss20 with 512mb and 4 cpus just completed building
> qemu with -j4.  a few times it was a little swapped, but it was
> very rarely doing more than occasional paging vs swapping or
> thrashing.  "vmstat 1" rarely showed less than 10% idle, and was
> usually 0-3%...
> it did take a few days to build all the deps etc.  :-)
> i have not yet tested it...
> Interesting, perhaps something has changed in the intervening years since I
> last tried building it in a similar situation. Which targets did you enable
> in your build?

what ever the defaults in pkgsrc are.. the install did this:

for d in aarch64-softmmu alpha-softmmu arm-softmmu cris-softmmu hppa-softmmu i386-softmmu lm32-softmmu m68k-softmmu microblaze-softmmu microblazeel-softmmu mips-softmmu mips64-softmmu mips64el-softmmu mipsel-softmmu moxie-softmmu nios2-softmmu or1k-softmmu ppc-softmmu ppc64-softmmu riscv32-softmmu riscv64-softmmu s390x-softmmu sh4-softmmu sh4eb-softmmu sparc-softmmu sparc64-softmmu tricore-softmmu unicore32-softmmu x86_64-softmmu xtensa-softmmu xtensaeb-softmmu i386-bsd-user sparc-bsd-user sparc64-bsd-user x86_64-bsd-user; do \

i was not expecting it to complete, particularly wth -j4.  i was
waiting for it to start to thrash and run out of swap.

this is with gcc7.  i wonder if gcc or qemu changed to help this?


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