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NMI on SS20, 7.1 MP kernel

I have a Sparcstation 20 with dual 75 MHz CPUs and 512MB RAM.  I
installed 7.1 on it and build an MP kernel.  It booted just fine and
seems okay, but when I happened to check dmesg while compiling some

cpu0: NMI: system interrupts: 0x40000000<VME=0x0,SBUS=0x0,ME>
        mxcc error 0xa600100172f1bd0
        mxcc status 0xff1410002
        mxcc reset 0x0
        mxcc error 0x0
        mxcc status 0xff1402000
        mxcc reset 0x0
WARNING: negative runtime; monotonic clock has gone backwards

The system did not crash.  Should I be concerned?


Gordon Zaft
Province 35 Governor
Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity

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