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openpty() failed on disklabel with the installer


I am netbooting a sparcstation5 with NetBSD 6.1 for installation.  At
the disk initialization stage, I get,

     Status: openpty() failed
    Command: disklabel -w -r -f /tmp/disktab sd0 'CFP1080E SUN1.0'
     Hit enter to continue

I see this issue has been identified a while ago

Those features are enabled in the kernel I used -- a standard GENERIC on
top of the provided rootfs.tgz for the installation program,

options         COMPAT_BSDPTY   # /dev/[pt]ty?? ptys.
file-system     PTYFS           # /dev/pts/N support
pseudo-device   pty                     # pseudo-terminals


So I am proceeding with a command line installation. (dd to erase the first blocks on rsd0, disklabel -i sd0 writing the default layout -- otherwise got some other troubles, newfs, mount sd0a, mount nfs, tar xzphfe sets, installboot, MAKEDEV, localtime, rc.conf, fstab). However, it would have been nice to use the installer !


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