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Fwd: [rescue] SBUS Differential SCSI/Fast Ethernet

I'm assuming no-one will mind me forwarding the following :)

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From: Ido Dubrawsky <idubraws%dubrawsky.org@localhost>
Date: 11 August 2013 19:25
Subject: [rescue] SBUS Differential SCSI/Fast Ethernet
To: "rescue%sunhelp.org@localhost" <rescue%sunhelp.org@localhost>

I am in the process of cleaning out my basement of old equipment (and I mean
OLD).  I found two SBUS Differential SCSI/Fast Ethernet cards.  If you want
them (free   unless I need to ship them then it's just the cost of the
shipping), let me know   otherwise they're going to the transfer station.
Ido Dubrawsky
Security Architect/Consultant
Washington, D.C.
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