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Re: openpty() failed on disklabel with the installer

Quoting myself,
I am netbooting a sparcstation5 with NetBSD 6.1 for installation.  At
the disk initialization stage, I get,

     Status: openpty() failed
    Command: disklabel -w -r -f /tmp/disktab sd0 'CFP1080E SUN1.0'
     Hit enter to continue

So I installed the system from the command line and I had some similar issue once it was up and running, while trying to connect to it through SSH,
        Server refused to allocate pty
        tset: standard error: Inappropriate ioctl for device
so I had to add this to fstab,
        ptyfs /dev/pts ptyfs rw 0 0
and mount /dev/pts

It should be the same problem with sysinst since the day where LOTSA was dropped in favor of ptyfs. Maybe someone fix that or should I send a PR? I won't have access to that sparcstation in the next days, though.

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