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Re: Xorg

On Sat, 14 Feb 2009 23:17:19 +0100
Frank Wille <frank%phoenix.owl.de@localhost> wrote:

> I heard about the possibility to open the chip, which Michael
> mentioned. And I even used a soldering iron before, but I cannot
> imagine that I could cut it open without any bigger accidents (to the
> NVRAM and to me ;).
The tric is to use a file (rasp) and carefully file down from the top
of the chip until you reach the battery. But do this only in the corner
where the battery is located. At least on the Sun NVRAM chips the top
of the battery is +. There goes a wire down from the top of the batery
to the chip. Carefully prepare this wire out of the resin with a hand
milling tool ("Dremel"). Cut the wire from the top of the batrery,
solder an extension wire to it and + of the new batery to the other
end. Solder - of the new battery to a wire and the other end of it to
the GND pin of the chip. I.e.: Do not connect to - of the old battery.
It is buried too deep into the resin.

> > As you live in Germany. If you can't do the NVRAM operation
> > yourself I offer to you: Send me the NVRAM chip + 5 EUR for
> > shipping and a new battery and I'll do the operation for you.
> Arrgh. Too late! I ordered it Friday afternoon. :|


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