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Re: sd* at atapibus and 2200bg driver issues.

On Sun, 29 Apr 2012 23:20:36 +0200
Charles Brown <obigiankenobi%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:

> 1) I could reproduce the hang only via wifi network, using the intel
> wifi card (802.11g).
> 2) using the gigabit ethernet connection i haven't got the problem.
> 3) during the test of the sd-at-atapi kernel mod, I have managed to
> send and receive between my internal disk and the usb disk a burst of
> 5Mb files and my beloved :) 20Gb file, repeatedly:
> no hangs at all.

I can confirm your observation as far as when I copy a 3GB file via
100MBit ethernet by FTP onto my DS-101g+ then there is indeed no problem.
(Yes, I tried it several times.)

So it might be a different problem, maybe even connected to iwi(4), as
you suggested. I remember we had to fix an endian issue in the driver
some time ago, so probably nobody tried it on PPC or other big endian
hardware before...

> Maybe the long duration of the wireless file
> transfert could affect this issue?

Do you have longer timeouts during the transfer? Do you have a good or
bad wireless connection?

Did you set any standby/idle timers on your disk drive (atactl(8))?

> May I ask you how I can activate the kernel/device driver debugger? I
> tried to recompile the kernel with debug option enabled, and defined
> also iwi_debug in source driver, but I'm only able to obtain messages
> during the ifconfig/wpa supplicant phase.

Changing hw.iwi.debug with sysctl(8) only works after defining IWI_DEBUG
and recompiling if_iwi.c. To be safe you can define IWI_DEBUG directly
in the if_iwi.c source. Then delete if_iwi.o from your objects directory
and recompile the kernel. That should work.

> In driver source there's a NDBGL? macro: how can I enable and use
> it???

I didn't see any NDBGL in the source. Could it be that you confused the
if_iwi.c driver source with the sources for the iwic(4) Winbond ISDN chip

Network interface drivers always start with "if_".

> Now i'll leave my dsm box under heavy disk load via gigabit ethernet
> all night long, hope I could reproduce the same problem.

Ok, concerning your second mail, it is doubtful that you have a disk i/o

Unfortunately I am of no further help for the next 9 days, because I will
fly into holidays tomorrow. But probably this won't matter, as I'm not
really an expert with wireless drivers. :)

Frank Wille

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