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Re: sd* at atapibus and 2200bg driver issues.

Ok, I'll check your suggestions!Ok, I'll check your suggestions asap!
Probably I'm wrong for the NDBGL, a lot of things are not clear to me
in the structure of the drivers sources (and not only in the
drivers... :) ).

>>Do you have longer timeouts during the transfer? Do you have a good or
>>bad wireless connection?
>>Did you set any standby/idle timers on your disk drive (atactl(8))?
The wireless connection is good and stable, and the DSM negotiates WPA
The throughput is good, and I can't see any delay during the file transfer.
I've not modified the standard configuration via atactl.

>>Changing hw.iwi.debug with sysctl(8) only works after defining IWI_DEBUG
>>and recompiling if_iwi.c. To be safe you can define IWI_DEBUG directly
>>in the if_iwi.c source. Then delete if_iwi.o from your objects directory
>>and recompile the kernel. That should work.
I missed the hw.iwi.debug via sysctl.
I'll check this too.
I have already modified and rebuilded the kernel adding IWI_DEBUG, and
when I start or stop the iwi interface, I can see messages about the
sync and the negotiation , but I haven't messages when the system

>>Unfortunately I am of no further help for the next 9 days, because I will
>>fly into holidays tomorrow. But probably this won't matter, as I'm not
>>really an expert with wireless drivers. :)

Definitely not! Your help is precious everytime.
Have a nice holiday!
May I ask where you are going?


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