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Re: Synology CS 407e: altboot fails to load installer.

> What does that mean? Does it turn off as a result of the xmit failure,
> or does the regular bootloader turn it off.
> What is the "regular bootloader"? The original Linux kernel?
> On my DS101g+ the LED stays on when the firmware reboots. It is only
> off after a coldstart.

It reboots and starts regular linux after the xmit fail.
When that happens, the link LED turns off and is only turned on again
much later during startup.

> The SKnet NIC supports two ports, and the driver assumes that there is always
> only a single port A. Does the CS-407e have two ports? Or is it wired to
> use port B? That could be the last reason I can imagine.

When sk98lin driver is loaded in linux, it says prefered port A, but I
guess it could be using B anyway.
I'll try to see if there is a way to check with some command in linux.
Mine only has one port though.

> And please do not top-post. That's not the recommended style in these
> mailing lists.

Got it, I'm not used to these.

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