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installation notes

There are two ways to fetch NetBSD/sandpoint install image;

 1. TFTP, from /tftpboot directory,
 2. NFS read, from NFS exported top directory.

The latter requires some more setup than plain TFTPing, however,
the benefit is more satisfying.

 1. exported top directory must match to root-path field of
 2. make sure to have correct /etc/exports,
 3. don't forget /etc/rc.d/mountd (re)start,
 4. check and see /usr/bin/showmount -e localhost result.

then gunzip netbsd-INSTALL_KURO.gz file to the exported top
directory (the ability to load gziped file is under development).

/// sysinst invocation ///

=> go 1000000 nfs:netbsd-INSTALL_KURO

This starts standard NetBSD sysinst installation process.

/// post-install setup ////

the following sequence should run NetBSD from disk;

=> dhcp; tftp 1000000 netboot.bin; go 1000000 wd0:netbsd

now it's the time to write netboot.bin image into vacant NOR
space.  With KuroBox, 128KB segment at the very last is
known empty.  Then the following U-Boot steps writes it down

(*CAUTION* extreme carefulness is required to avoid ruin
your unit)

=> protect off fffe0000 +20000
=> erase fffe0000 +20000
=> mw.b 1800000 ff 20000
=> dhcp; tftp 1800000 netboot.bin
=> cp.b 1800000 fffe0000 20000
=> cmp.b 1800000 ffe0000 20000
=> protect on fffe0000 +20000
=> reset

Check to see the NOR segment 0xfffe0000 has the expected
image after reset operation.

For normal diskboot operation,

=> setenv bootcmd cp.b fffe0000 1000000 20000\; go 1000000 wd0:netbsd
=> setenv bootdelay 5
=> saveenv

It's all done.

Some readers may know that the U-Boot has special function to
choose one of alternative boot sources by pressing power button
several times right after power on.

I'm planning to place sysinst kernel image at NOR offset zero region for
emergency recovery and/or afresh installation/upgrade.  Stay tuned for
more news.

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology

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