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NetBSD/sandpoint diskboot feature


diskboot feature was added.  KuroBox is known working while
Synology needs more debug time.

"netboot.bin" (soon renamed as it's now capable of diskboot) is
a standalone program to provide "pre-boot environment" for NetBSD.
It's a functional bridge between PPCboot/U-Boot and NetBSD
kernel.  The features are;
- it detects HW platforms.
- it irons out and rectifies mis-configured HW setup which native
bootloader has left behind.
- it makes bootinfo argments for NetBSD kernel.  bootinfo is
known benefitial to make NetBSD kernel simple and portable
across similar-but-different HW platforms.

"netboot.bin" is designed to run at address 0x100000 (@16MB).
Let's say it's already loaded at the address (the way how to is
described later), then

/// the invoking syntax ///

=> go 1000000 <opt1> <opt2> ... <bootname>

   multi, auto, ask, single, ddb, userconf, norm, quiet, verb,
   silient, debug

   omitting <opt> designation brings muti-user mode boot.
net: is a synonym of nfs:

   issue DHCP request to determine IP addresses, and do NFS
   read download from host.
   target file is determined by filename field of dhcpd.conf
   issue DHCP request to determine IP addresses, and do TFTP
   download from host.
target file s determined by filename field of dhcpd.conf wdN:<filename>
   load <filename> ELF NetBSD kernel from FFSv2 or FFSv1 filesys.

NFS read is a prefered downloading way since TFTP payload is
smaller than NFS and runs unreasonably slow.

/// How to load netboot.bin at address 0x1000000 ///

There are several options.

1. KuroBox U-Boot allows DHCP/TFTP download.

U-Boot 1.1.4 LiSt 2.1.0 (Sep 21 2006 - 00:22:56) LinkStation / KuroBox

With correctly configured /etc/dhcpd.conf, the following command
sequence would load "netboot.bin" from /tftpboot/ directory.

=> dhcp; tftp 1000000 netboot.bin

2. Synology DS-101g+ PPCboot can not handle SysKonnect GbE.  In
the case, serial download is an alternative way.

3. if netboot.bin image is stored in NOR segment, copy it to the address;
=> cp.b <there> 1000000 20000

I will describe installation process and post installation setup in
the next email.

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology

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