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protecting HD from overheat

The following practices are useful to prevent overheating
HD sudden death;

0. check to see HD temparature
   # /sbin/atactl wd0 smart status

1. run ventilating fan faster
   # echo -n ']]' >/dev/satmgr (double ]] is known ok)

2. instruct HD to make power saving
   my /etc/rc.local has;
       /sbin/atactl wd0 setidle 120
   root fs is mounted with nodevmtime, and postfix=NO.

3. having 5400rpm 2.5" IDE/SATA inside brings much
better condition; less heat and shorter spin-up delay;

200MHz PPC is not capable of exceeding the max.
of IDE disk xfer rate nor 100M Ether pipe, it'd be forgiven
to have slower disk in general.

Toru Nishimura / ALKYL Technology

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