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Re: X server support?

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On Sep 16, 2008, at 2:06 PM, KIYOHARA Takashi wrote:

From: Michael Lorenz <macallan%netbsd.org@localhost>
Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 00:42:11 -0400

Then X tries to mmap the card's framebuffer aperture, apparently
believing it's at 0xfc000000 but I see no such range reported in the
PCI scan. Could you please post the card's pcictl dump output?
I suspect that the card either doesn't have a BAR for its aperture or
the driver doesn't look at it and tries to get the aperture address
from the graphics chip's IO registers which returns bogus since we
failed to map IO space.
If the card doesn't use a BAR for its aperture we have a problem
since drivers like genfb will only let you mmap ranges that are
either known to belong to the graphics chip or PCI IO.

I builded xserver for bebox on last weekend.  It was not able to load
pcidata correctly though it made *_ drv.o for X.

Can this problem be solved?  Should I overwrite the module of ofppc or
macppc again?

That's a known problem, Magnus Henoch posted a workaround on port- macppc a while ago ( it 's a hack in ld.so_elf / rtld.c and avoids using __builtin_return_addr(0) which occasionally returns bogus on powerpc, so far xorg's module loader is the only known program that triggers it. I'm not aware of a similar problem on any other CPU architecture though.

And, I appended the log of pcictl dump.

None of the BARs contain anything useful - this needs a hack to get working with acceleration ( we need to add something to tell genfb what ranges it's allowed to mmap even if they're not covered by any BAR ) but wsfb should work.

    Base address register at 0x10
      not implemented(?)
    Base address register at 0x14
      not implemented(?)
    Base address register at 0x18
      not implemented(?)
    Base address register at 0x1c
      not implemented(?)
    Base address register at 0x20
      not implemented(?)
    Base address register at 0x24
      not implemented(?)

have fun
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