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Re: deadlocks

matthew green wrote:

>>   Those deadlocks are definitely Pegasos-viaide related. The MorphOS team
>>   confirmed that they had to implement a workaround for the problem.
>>   It is easy to reproduce. Just read files from a disk at channel 1 and
>>   another disk (or CDROM) at channel 2 at once. The system will lock up
>>   after a few seconds.
> huh.
> i've been successfully using raidframe on my pegasos across a
> pair of disks on each channel.

Interesting! And both channels are frequently active at the same time?
Which SmartFirmware version do you have?

>  i've seen some random crashes
> that might be bad ram (i need to test it in a pc) but it mostly
> seems stable.

Testing Pegasos RAM on a PC doesn't help you at all. The Pegasos is much
more choosy about RAM, and cheap RAM often won't work.

> there's also the workaround the cmdide driver uses on some
> systems to only access one channel at a time, but it's
> got performanec issues...

Would be worth a test, if I find out how it works. Is it in cmd_pci_intr()?

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