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re: deadlocks

   >>   Those deadlocks are definitely Pegasos-viaide related. The MorphOS team
   >>   confirmed that they had to implement a workaround for the problem.
   >>   It is easy to reproduce. Just read files from a disk at channel 1 and
   >>   another disk (or CDROM) at channel 2 at once. The system will lock up
   >>   after a few seconds.
   > huh.
   > i've been successfully using raidframe on my pegasos across a
   > pair of disks on each channel.
   Interesting! And both channels are frequently active at the same time?
   Which SmartFirmware version do you have?

hmm, i'm not sure off hand but it's probably in the port-ofppc
archive.  (the machine is currently powered down.)
   >  i've seen some random crashes
   > that might be bad ram (i need to test it in a pc) but it mostly
   > seems stable.
   Testing Pegasos RAM on a PC doesn't help you at all. The Pegasos is much
   more choosy about RAM, and cheap RAM often won't work.

i don't follow this.  the ram i have "works" but i am seeing
what is typically bad ram errors (gcc segv.)  the only good
method i know of for testing this ram is memtest86 and that
means putting it in a pc.

   > there's also the workaround the cmdide driver uses on some
   > systems to only access one channel at a time, but it's
   > got performanec issues...
   Would be worth a test, if I find out how it works. Is it in cmd_pci_intr()?

i'm not sure off hand; bouyer@netbsd would know i guess.


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