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Re: NetBSD-Mach?

> The 601 is a different-enough chip to make it a little harder.  My
> understanding of the 601 is that it was a "time to market" sort of
> thing, and that the differences between the 601 to 603 or 604 are
> analogous to the differences between the 68020 and the 68040 or 68060.

While I don't know too much about the 68040 and 68060, I think the difference
between the 601 and the newer PowerPCs is a bit greater.

The 601 has quite a few instructions (including user visible ones) that
are not in the newer chips, and vice versa.  There are even some registers
(again including user visible ones) in the 601 that aren't in the 603 or
the 604, and again vice versa.

While I intend to support 601s (including running newer PowerPC code, but also
running 601 code on newer processors) at some time, this isn't high on my
priority list.
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