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First FAQ draft, please read this


The very first FAQ draft for NetBSD/powerpc is now available.  Unfortunately
the text is >60KB and I don't know if it would be welcomed on this list.

 Therefore I made it available on my homepage dedicated to NetBSD.  Please
do not expect wonders, this is my private leased line over 19.9k modems.


 (I do intend to dedicate http://beaver.teuto.de/netbsd/ to NetBSD/powerpc
and NetBSD/Amiga - the above URL may change).

 Please do read the text, or even better: provide me with new material!
I am currently struggling to write a more detailed part about OFW.  I do
need a more reliable (if any) source of board manufacturers.  Also a list
of supported devices missing yet.

 Please help me to help you!  And try to understand my poor english, the
french version would be more readable :  )

Markus Illenseer

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