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Re: FW: Error in OF 64bit PCI bus bindings?

>Any one know the e-mail address that Open Firmware documentation errors,
>such as the below, should be sent to?

Use p1275%prombo.eng.sun.com@localhost

>In my opinion, revisions 2.0 (and 1.6) of the document ``PCI Bus
>Bindings to: IEEE Std 1275-1994 .....'' has an inconsistency between the
>textual and binary representations of 64bit PCI memory addresses.  In
>particular, there would appear to be a discrepency the specification of
>the ``ss''.

Yes, there is indeed a discrepancy.  The correct 'ss' encoding for 64-bit PCI
memory space is '11'.

Thanks for identifying this problem.  I will forward your message to
the working group so the problem can be fixed in the next revision.

Mitch Bradley
Chair, 1275 working group

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