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Macintosh Technology in the CHRP

>From:   Allen Briggs <briggs%puma.bevd.blacksburg.va.us@localhost>
>Subject: Macintosh Technology in the CHRP
>To:     openmac%puma.bevd.blacksburg.va.us@localhost
>Date:   Sun, 19 Nov 1995 11:43:31 -0800
>... This document is a goldmine.  I don't know how much of it is
>applicable to the earlier models, but I'd wager that large portions
>are.  For example, I believe that the 8500's internal SCSI is called
>MESH in the 8500's Developer's Note and that's the SCSI interface that
>this new document covers.
>Looks like it'll make some interesting reading when I can find the time.
>If you're looking, you can find a link to it in
>        http://puma.bevd.blacksburg.va.us/openmac/refs.html.
>Allen Briggs - end killing - allen.briggs%bev.net@localhost ** MacBSD ==
>NetBSD/mac68k **
>   Where does all my time go?  <a href="http://www.netbsd.org/";>Guess.</a>

I believe Alan's stuff has moved to www.macbsd.org. Also, there is a wealth
of material (including the above paper) on http://chrp.apple.com/

        Erik Fair

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