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Re: NetBSD for BeBox?

Wolfgang Solfrank wrote:
> Actually it currently runs on 603 and 604 boxen.  I've already used it
> on a Motorola Ultra board with 603 with a pre-release of their
> OpenFirmware implementation.  Most of the two day work of adapting to
> this machine was the difference between 604 and 603.  Especially the
> code to handle software tlb reload that is in the 603(e) user manual is
> quite buggy.

 Wolfgang, I successfully ran it on my Atlas Board as well.  I am yet
waiting for the new OFW from Motorola, as all I have as OFW is BETA and

> Exactly.  And let me add that the existing standards for PowerPC
> systems, that is PReP and CHRP/PPCP both mandate that systems must have
> OpenFirmware.

 Unfortunately not all OFW seems to have a common base.  Let's hope all OFW
implementations are sufficient to boot and operate NetBSD.

> Unfortunately, I don't have access to any PowerMac (let alone PCI based
> ones).

 I had, but none with OFW.

 Gee.  I need a TP-Hub, so that I can hook up my PPC to the internet and
run SUP :-)

Markus Illenseer

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