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Status Request?

 Hi there, this list has been opened only recently, as I understand.  I
thought it might be usefull to know who is on this list, who actually works
on port-powerpc and what the current goals are.  Raise your voice please

 I might introduce myself as well; maybe the one or the other knows me from
port-amiga or current-users.  I am involved into NetBSD since version 0.9a,
may that programming minor stuff or supporting users en gros.  My current
project on NetBSD is to assemble a NetBSD 1.2 CD-ROM called Gateway!.  It
will mainly contain NetBSD 1.2 but also packages ready-to-use for the
important ports.  This said, you see that I am a bit busy with other

 The Powerpc port interests me personally and somehow I am also involved
into it by my profession, working for one of the big 4 PC assemblers in
Germany.  Currently I have two PowerPCs at home:  FirePower ES4100 and
Motorola Atlas.  The first one is already running NetBSD, the later one
still struggles and yells to be fitted with a graphic board :-) 

 My machine will be connected to the internet as soon as I find a cheap
TP-Hub.  I can offer accounts dedicated to work on the port, also I would
like to offer to maintain a dedicated WWW-Server for either internal or
official use. This of course depends on the comments to follow here...

Markus Illenseer

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