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Re: about Pegasos1 (april fix 2) support

nello martuscielli wrote:

> As i know the Pegasos1 firmware is able to read only msdos or amiga
> partition table and FAT16, FFS or ISO9660 filesystems where put a
> working bootkernel.

The boot kernel may be on any medium which is supported by ofwboot. So we
are not restricted to the firmware.

> I just burned ofppccd-5.1.iso and tried to boot with:
> boot cd NBSD/OFWBOOT
> but the kernel freezes (or simply doesn't load) here too.
> http://oi51.tinypic.com/34tbt5z.jpg

Looks like it didn't even start booting the kernel.

> Do you have different bootkernels i can try?

I just uploaded a recent kernel (for Pegasos1) and ofwboot to

The usual method to test new kernels would be to boot ofwboot from a tftp
server, which then uses dhcp to boot the kernel from nfs.

When the new ofwboot doesn't work either, I can make a version with
debugging output.

Frank Wille

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