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Re: Pegasos dmesg

Is this a Pegasos I or II?

Either way I think it's a firmware bug. What version do you have?

Matt Sealey <matt%genesi-usa.com@localhost>
Genesi, Manager, Developer Relations

matthew green wrote:
hi matt,

i'm wondering if you have any clue about another pegasos issue
we're having.  basically, the OFW seems to be stealing most of
my ram for it's own purposes.

my machine has 512mb ram in it, and linux sees all this.  when
i boot netbsd, i only see ~240MB or so, and this comes from the
available property in /memory:

reg                   0:20000000
available             0:1000000

ie, the entire top 256mb is not available and a couple of chunks
from the first 256mb are also taken.

i put another 512mb ram in and now it says:

reg                   0:40000000
available             0:1000000

and netbsd still sees only the same about of ram.  of the 1024mb
installed, netbsd has 231mb available after booting.

if i ignore the "available" and use "reg" i hang when attaching
rtas at mainbus.  i tried finding regions to steal back from
OFW, but at best i found one 0x40000 sized area that didn't
cause some sort of lossage.

do you have any idea why the prom is not providing this ram?



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