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Re: Pegasos dmesg

On 18-Jan-2008 Frank Wille wrote:
> Using my own, customized kernel, with genfb, wsdisplay and wskbd, paniced:
> [...]
> vr0 at pci0 dev 13 function 0: VIA VT6102 (Rhine II) 10/100 Ethernet
> extent_alloc_region: extent `pegasospci mem-space' (0x80000000 - 0xbfffffff)
> extent_alloc_region: start 0x800000, end 0x8000ff
> panic: extent_alloc_region: region lies outside extent
> Any ideas?

Yeah, in the pci_conf_hook that is used by PCI_NETBSD_CONFIGURE, make sure it
leaves all VGA adaptors of any kind alone, especially the radeon.

Aside from that, its possible the arguments to the extents in
pci_netbsd_configure weren't correct.  I had to change them slightly on ofwpci
to get them to work, maybe copy what I had there and see if it fixes your

If not, yank PCI_NETBSD_CONFIGURE, enable PCI_CONF_DUMP, and see what the
proper ranges should be, then tune the extents to set it into those ranges.

Tim Rightnour <root%garbled.net@localhost>
NetBSD: Free multi-architecture OS http://www.netbsd.org/
Genecys: Open Source 3D MMORPG: http://www.genecys.org/

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