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Re: Latest mips/evbmips observations

On Fri, 2 May 2014, Michael wrote:

> > Also, if one has scrolled the display back and further output occurs,
> > the display is overwritten with the new output--which may be desirable

> None of that should happen. Do you use VCONS_DRAW_INTR?

There is no such symbol in any of the "evbmips" kernel config files,
least of all LOONGSON, so that would be "no".

Also, on the repainting issue:  I've only observed the behavior while
running 'lynx'--might have something to do with the tty mode it sets
on startup.  Also, only observed when displaying lists.  In an unordered
list, there is a single character of garbage 2 positions to the left of
the "bullet" character.  In an ordered list, there is a single character
of garbage immediately left of a single-digit item index.  Two-digit
indexes do not exhibit garbage characters from other terminals.

Also, after exiting 'lynx', any portion of the screen still displaying
a list rendered by 'lynx' continues to pick up garbage when switching
to/from other terminals.  The portion of the screen below any remaining
'lynx' output is not affected.

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